We are pretty sure that on many occasions you have purchased a can of Fruit cocktail which contains the same old things: peach, pear, apple, or some other fruit. 

Of course you are happy because you do not know any different.

Nevertheless, the creation of the fruit cocktail bowl you see in the picture contains nothing but the best the world has to offer.

The ingredients are different from those mentioned above.

However, if you wish to take a trip to the Tropics and harvest fruits such as: Pineapple, Papaya and the jelly of the young coconut and serve as is, or with your favourite ice-cream, then this is your treat.

The popularity of Nata de Coco spread across the ocean from its country of origin, and immediately became the dessert of choice.

Mr. SPYROS PETER GOUDAS  spent a lifetime creating it, but it takes a moment to enjoy it.

The name is Mr. Goudas Exotic Fruit Cocktail, Item 251.

Mr Goudas exotic fruit cocktail. Goudas Recipes

Ask for it by name in your favourite supermarket.

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The above recipe and picture is courtesy of Spyros Peter Goudas.

All rights reserved. 
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