TARAMOSALATA (Greek Fish-Roe Pate)

125 grams fish roe (found at Greek Supermarkets) Preferable brands are: Krinos, Fantis, Ariston).
1 cup Mr.Goudas olive oil
Juice of 3 lemons
1 medium onion coarsely cut
4 medium potatoes

Peel and cut the potatoes into wedges and boil until thoroughly cooked.
Remove from the stove.
Mash potatoes immediately.
Do not add any liquid.
Allow to cool completely.

Combine in the processor, fish roe and onions, and blend for three minutes.
Add mashed potato.
Continue blending until all ingredients are incorporated and blended together.

Add olive oil and lemon juice alternately, in a very thin stream-- little by little.

TARAMOSALATA (Greek Fish-Roe Pate)_ Mr Goudas Recipes Garnish with black olives, a spring of parsley and some olive oil.
This same recipe can be prepared with 6 white sliced pieces of bread, without the crust, as an alternative to the potatoes.
Cut in small cubes and incorporate into recipe as potatoes, then blend.

If the prepared mix becomes too thick, carefully add some warm water.
Do not add too much water because it will become watery. Once cool, keep refrigerated.


Pita Bread_TARAMOSALATA (Greek Fish-Roe Pate)_ Mr Goudas Recipes Serve with sliced crusty bread, baguettes or pita bread.
Do not freeze. Good for one week refrigerated.

This recipe and picture is available courtesy of Spyros Peter Goudas.

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Peter Spyros Goudas
Πήτερ Σπύρος Γούδας