Cooking spaghetti seems to be a simple task, but in reality it is not.

For the spaghetti experts you do not need to read this recipe.
However, for those who do not know how to boil water, we are talking to you.

This recipe will be useful to you.

In a medium or large pot fill half to full of water, place on stove on high temperature.
Bring to a boil.. i.e. when you see the water bubbling all around this is boiling water.

(This is no joke. Mr. Goudas' father never knew how to boil water all his life.)

Add 2 tbsp. of any vegetable oil to prevent the spaghetti from sticking together.

Add 1 tsp. of salt.

For 2 people use enough spaghetti that fits between the thumb and forefinger forming a circle.

Do not break the spaghetti, set it in the pot standing up it will eventually slide into the water.

Do not cover, stir a couple times and continue to boil until tender to your taste, approximately 8 to 10 minutes.

(You may take 1 spaghetti out and taste if it is still hard, continue to boil.)

Do not overcook, because if you do, the spaghetti will stick together like glue.

(Mr. Goudas told us a story that during his air force days, in the kitchen of the air base where they cooked for a few hundred people, to test if spaghetti is ready or not is to pick up one spaghetti and throw it up on the ceiling, if it sticks there it is ready.
So during his air force days the kitchen ceiling was filled with spaghetti hanging down.)

We are not suggesting that you do this in your house.

Assuming the spaghetti is ready, place the strainer in sink and pour the spaghetti and water inside.

Place the empty pot on the stove add 2 - 3 tbsp. Mr.Goudas Extra Virgin Olive Oil, heat until slightly smoking.

Pour the heated oil over the spaghetti and shake up the strainer 3 or 4 times until the oil penetrates the spaghetti.

This spaghetti may be eaten as is, or, pour sauce on the top.

We will show you how to create your own pasta sauce in another seminar.

Since you have already greatly progressed in cooking so far, maybe over tired and exhausted, it is time to eat.

There is one more effort to be made.
Mr. Goudas has created one of the best Pasta Sauces in the world.

Simply open a can of Mr. Goudas Pasta Sauce with all the goodies inside.

Pour into a saucepan and Heat up.

Place the spaghetti portions on your plate and pour the pasta sauce over it.

Top with some brand name Parmesan or Romano cheese.

Do not use any unknown brand to ruin your beautiful creation.

Sprinkle with parsley or a couple pieces of basilico.

The above recipe and picture is courtesy of Spyros Peter Goudas.

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