LOGAN (The "dragon's eye".)

Longan in Heavy Syrup

Longan is a fruit native to southern China and southwestern India and is commonly grown in Thailand, south east Asia and surrounding areas. Longan is a small, round, brown fruit.

The flesh or pulp is whitish, translucent, sweet and juicy. This flesh surrounds a smooth jet-black, shiny seed, which contains a circular white spot at the base giving it the aspect off an eye.

Hence, Longan is referred to as the "dragon's eye". The Longan is much esteemed by Thai fruit lovers who prefer to eat it fresh at room temperature.

Canned Longan is best served over ice as a dessert.

Goudas Foods is proud to be one of the first importers of this delicious product and hope both native Asians and Canadians alike enjoy this delicacy.

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