After more than three years in the 1970s of hard work to avoid colour separation in the product, Goudas Foods finally created one of the most magnificent products that the world has ever known:
Mr. Goudas Trinidad Style Hot Sauce.

With unique ingredients such as a specific type of crushed peppers that grow only in the Caribbean and specific parts of Central America, as well as papaya (a specific species), along with parsley and celery that blend in perfect harmony.

Finally, the product arrived in Canada, not only to satisfy Trinidadians, who according to Mr. Goudas, are the hardest consumers to please in the world, because if it is not right, they would tell it to you right to your face.

It is just a reminder that Mr. Goudas associated himself with Caribana, the annual celebration created by Trinidadians residing in Canada as a gift to Canada for its 100th birthday in 1967.

(You may read a wonderful article from the Indo-Caribbean World Newspaper in the Article Section of website.

Consequently, he knows quite a lot about the taste buds of Trinidadians because he spent an enormous amount of time with them creating costumes for the parade on more than one occasion.

It is safe to say that there were more than twenty attempts in the creation of this hot sauce.

For example, at one point the vinegar had to be reduced, at another point, the papaya ratio had to be increased further, the heat had to be reduced to allow for the Canadian population to try the product.

On a personal note, Mr. Goudas uses at least one tablespoon of Trinidad Style Hot Sauce in all his cooking.

His meal is not complete, according to him, until he adds his hot sauce. Now the whole organization and friends are hooked on this sauce.

Once the sauce was completed, Mr. Goudas was well aware that there would be imitators.
Only time would show if someone could make it better!

Suggestions for serving:
You may use this on any dish, well, except cakes, pastries and ice-cream.
Simply place half a teaspoon on the side of your dish and dip your fork or spoon filled with whatever you are eating into the sauce and then enjoy.

Trinidad Style Hot Sauce.

Spyros Peter Goudas has experimented with hot sauces pretty well all his life.

He is considered to be an authority on the subject for the simple reason that he is not only marketing any product, he produces them as well.

Every product has its own home, unique taste and destiny.
In addition, each product is dedicated to different nationalities.

Some people see the word hot on the bottle and refrain from using because they are allergic to heat.

What is hot for one nationality could be very mild for another.
The difference is within the type of pepper used.

For instance, South Asians use chili peppers, Jamaicans use scotch bonnet and Mexicans use jalapeno.

Three different types of peppers, three different uses, three different flavours.
On the other hand, another person sees the word hot and finds that it is not hot enough.
Other people say and claim they can handle any level of heat.

Should any one of these people visit Spyros Peter Goudas at his office, he has a surprise for them.

He will go to his private office and pick up a bottle that is stored in a wooded box, labeled, Private Reserve Limited Edition, Insanity Sauce, with a warning: USE ONE TENTH OF ONE TENTH OF A DROP AT A TIME, KEEP AWAY FROM THE EYES, PETS, CHILDREN, AND FROM PEOPLE WITH HEART AND RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS, LIVER OR KIDNEY PROBLEMS AND, AND, AND.

He usually gives this to people who claim to handle any heat.

He serves it with two glasses of cold water, a towel full of ice cubes, an oscillating fan and a pair of running shoes.  

He then warns them for the last time that they will be in for a surprise of their lifetime.
Some of the people who have tried this sauce, are still running.

Some people say that Forrest Gump tried this sauce which we described above and that is why he was running for three years, two months, fourteen days and sixteen hours.

Well, heat is not everything in a pepper sauce and every sauce is different.

We will talk about this particular style of hot sauce called Mr. Goudas Trinidad Style Hot Sauce.

This particular sauce is very addictive. It is not what is called Hot, hot, hot.
The reason is that the product is made from a particular variety of crushed peppers and the wonderful fruit called Papaya, along with celery, parsley, garlic and onions.

The ingredients are blended in such a wonderful balanced proportion that is suitable for any style of cooking.

Therefore, people who like very hot sauce use an additional amount and those who do not like extremely hot, use less of the sauce.

Nevertheless, the moment you try this Trinidad Style Hot Sauce you will be addicted for the rest of your life.

No food under the sun will ever taste the same without it.

In fact, it is the personal favourite of Spyros Peter Goudas.

Some people have even requested that a small, portable, mini (mickey) size be produced so that when they go to their favourite restaurant it could be taken along.

Of course, Mr. Goudas could make a pepper sauce that sets your mouth and rear end on fire but what is the purpose.
Only a few people can handle this amount of heat and the product would not be marketable.

Mr. Goudas Trinidad Style Hot Sauce has a unique and delicious flavour and may be added to any, if not all, of your favourite dishes except cakes and pastries.