CROISSANTS The French are famous for making Croissants


The French are famous for making Croissants which require an enormous amount of skill and patience.

The development of ready made frozen pre-formed and unbaked dough making this young girl in the picture very creative.

In fact, Senorita Isabel Vargas of Colombian background and just 10 years old, is preparing Croissants for the whole family.



Senorita Isabel Vargas of Colombian background and just 10 years old, is preparing Croissants for the whole familyNot only does she make regular Croissants, she makes some with a filling of fruit, cheese or various other combinations which, upon tasting, were not only quite good but mouthwatering.

Basically, what we are trying to say is to get your kids into the kitchen and this is an idea.

The purpose of applying this picture is to motivate young kids to get into the kitchen and make their own creations.

Now lets get baking Isabel Vargas way!






Senorita Isabel Vargas of Colombian background_ Croissant_croissant-dough_ Mr Goudas Recipes

Senorita Isabel Vargas of Colombian background and just 10 years old, is preparing Croissants for the whole family

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Classic French Croissant Recipe

With this recipe Jeffrey Hamelman want to give you the exact directions on how to go about making classic French croissants.

He started out largely following the instructions for his recipe, changed everything to our beloved metric system and found out some worthwhile croissant knowledge of our own along the way.

Hopefully enough to justify sharing it all with you and inspiring you to give croissant baking a shot yourself.

For classic French croissants. by Jeffrey Hamelman


"Laura in the Kitchen" is an interactive cooking show hosted by Laura Vitale a self-taught home-cook with a passion for what cooking really stands for.

laura vital_goudas recipesShe believes that food really feeds the soul not just the stomach.

Laura Vitale was born and raised in Italy until she was twelve years of age when she moved to the United States.

She started her cooking journey working with her father in their restaurants.

The restaurants have since closed due to the poor economy, but she never let that crush her dreams or stop her from doing what she loves.

 How to Make Croissants Recipe - Laura Vitale

I hope you have examined this link and discovered that this is one of the best recipes for Croissants.

Laura Vitale demonstrates in detail  each step in the process in such a manner that, although Croissant making is precise, she carries you through with such ease and before you know it,  you have completed a batch of delicious buttery croissants.

After several sessions, you may find yourself thinking that you have become one the greatest chefs of all time with visions of  your very own Croissant Store with customers lined up to taste the best croissants in the world..

Overweight Highway to a Healthy Life by Spyros Peter GoudasA word of warning.  Croissoints are delicious, buttery and literally melt in your mouth,.  They are very tempting.  
Unfortunately, they have a high calorie content.  

Therefore, we do not suggest that you devour the whole batch in one sitting.  
Be geneous and impress your family and friends with your new found skills.

Some time in the past I wrote the book titled, Overweight, Highway to a Healthy Life.  I do not recall if Croissants are mentioned within the book.  

However, should you overindulge, you may have to seriously consider the advice I have imparted in this book.

I have incorporated the book in this recipe for your perusal.



Spyros Peter Goudas

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