GRACE BRAND (Instant Noodle - in a cup)

It seems to us that the good old days of making noodle soup at home from fresh ingredients like carrots, onions, celery, peas, etc., are almost gone.

We will, however, provide you with a seminar on how to make a good homemade noodle soup at a later date. However, today we are focussing on instant noodle soups in the packages or in the cup.
Of course as you know up to now that most of these soups are made from dehydrated vegetables, and contains ingredients such as: whey protein, silicone dioxide, monosodium glutamate (MSG), xanthan gum, disodium inosine, and many more unpronounceable names.

So therefore, we are not here to tell you whether these ingredients are good for you or not, or whether they are nutritious. The decision should be totally up to you.

The purpose of our write-up today, is to make a comment. Should you decide to utilize this type of product, try not to use any items without a brand name. Brand names (not store brand) indicate that there is someone standing behind the product, after all, the pioneers in this industry put lots of effort and focus in producing better tasting products, for example, Liptons, Mr. Goudas and Mr. Noodles.

We tried several varieties in the cup within the last month and finally we have come to the conclusion that at least one company, under the brand name, Grace, has developed an instant soup in the cup (as per the picture) focusing on unique flavors, such as: Spiced Chicken, Shrimp, Cock Soup and Caribbean Fish, to name a few.

Of course, some of you may not be familiar with the Caribbean cuisine but if you like a touch of the islands, in a few word a trip to the tropics, then we suggest that you spice your life up a little and give it a try.

We here at especially enjoyed The Grace Caribbean Fish Instant Noodle Soup. We found it to be very, very good.

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