LUPINI BEAN (The national snack of Italy)


A flat dried bean approximately half an inch (1/2 inch) in diameter, round in shape and light yellow in color (almost white). Although it may resemble the fava or lima bean, it is not similar to any other bean in this world.

Of course you can use the Internet search engine by clicking on lupini and you will discover hundreds of sites with a variety of information about the family and the history of the species.

Maybe even, how it was discovered, etc., etc. and that King Boulou of Salaguaya transferred the bush all the way to Italy and then from there, Prince Salu took it to Spain and tried to remove the bitterness but was unable to.
He spit it out but the bitterness remained with him to the death bed.
(We hope at least we made you laugh for a moment.)

Stories like this Mr. Goudas could tell you day and night.

The fact is that the Lupini is very bitter and we mean bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter. Oh wow, is it ever bitter.
It comes to the point where we begin to question why so much bitter was created. Was God sad that day? (Please forgive us!) It is as bitter as the Mauby bark from the Caribbean or Karella (bitter melon.)

So, of course, here we go again to the expert in the industry, who else but Mr. Goudas himself to get the facts on the Lupini.

First he warned that it would be a very bitter story, as bitter as it gets.

He told us that when he was a young man newly arrived in Canada, he ended up in Little Italy, Dufferin and St. Clair.
He saw some Italians holding something in their hand between the thumb and forefinger.
They would then open their mouths, apparently squeezing something between the fingers, which then seemed to fly directly into their mouths. At this point they started chewing and the thing between the fingers' was thrown in the garbage.
The only way he could describe it was like a soccer ball flying into a goal post.

He thought that this was a funny way of scoring goals. He later discovered that this was the way to enjoyed the lupini bean, at least by the Italians which is the national snack of Italy.
He also discovered that people from Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, Greece, Morocco and Lebanon also enjoy this bean.

As time passed by and he became an expert in the food business (with over 1,200 products under his food umbrella, each one being the best of the best in the world and associated with hundreds of food processing factories around the world), he always wanted to undertake the production of the best-cooked lupinis on the market.

Although it seemed like an easy thing to do, just take a handful of lupini beans, put them in a can, fill up with water, put the lid on, place in the retort to be cooked and: voila.
However, the task turned out to be completely different, a 180-degree turn in the opposite direction: inadequately processed lupini beans may cause botulism, a potentially fatal illness.

Needless to say, years later when he did decide to go into mass production, there was no Internet to click here, or click there for information. So, one day he walked into his laboratory with a bag full of lupinis and disappeared for a couple of weeks.

When he finally emerged, he gave the thumbs up but his face looked very bitter.
Even his blue eyes seemed to have turned yellowish in color.

He indicated that he knew everything there was to know about lupini beans and if he could make a can to satisfy the Italians, that meant he passed the most difficult test in his career.

Well then, the fact is as follows: we can give you the recipe on how to prepare lupini beans, but because it is not necessary for anyone to try to undertake this long process due to the fact that the beans must be soaked in water overnight, boiled the next day for a couple of hours.

This liquid is then drained off, and fresh water has to be added three (3) times each day for 1 week to 10 days. It also has to be kept in the refrigerator. If not refrigerated the water smells like hell.

This procedure is necessary to remove the bitterness.
Therefore, should you have the time, and the patience to undertake this task, we tip our hats to you.

God forbid, should a pregnant woman begin to have a craving for lupini, I pity the poor husband trying to cook the lupinis and trying to remove the bitterness before the baby is born.

Advice to you guys: run to the store as fast as you can and purchase a few cans of Mr. Goudas Lupini Beans it may save your life.
You will not have time to remove the bitterness and it is possible the baby will be born with a lupini-shaped birthmark on his belly..!

Mr. Goudas Lupini Beans are prepared as follows:

After selecting the best lupini beans in the industry, they are transported to Bulgaria.
The site where they are processed is at the bottom of a mountain from which a fresh water stream flows.

Mr Goudas Lupini Beans_Mr Goudas RecipesThe beans are placed in a net (somewhat like a fishing net) and left for 12 days where the smooth, flowing water from the stream slowly removes the bitterness. (All the while there is a guard on the look-out for any lupini thieves.)

Then each batch is washed thoroughly one more time. Each bean is manually inspected for cracks and skin defects, and inserted, one by one into the can for further processing.

The attached picture attests to the quality of the beans, the correct holding position, and the edible portion.

Of course not everyone likes the taste of the lupini bean. It is an acquired taste. It is either you love it or you hate it.

Whichever the case, Mr. Goudas Lupini Beans are considered by lupini lovers to be best in the world.

Impress your Italian friends with a few cans of Mr. Goudas Lupinis as a present, they will love you forever.

Please remember: The outer skin of the lupini bean is discarded. The edible portion is on the inside.

The story was written by Spyros Peter Goudas with the assistance of Bernadette Scott.

Mr Goudas Lupini Beans_Mr Goudas Recipes_Goudas books

 Mammabella teaches us how to make delicious Lupini.

 Mammabella teaches us how to make delicious Lupini.

Mammabella teaches us how to make delicious Lupini