The ideal Green Beans for this dish are the flat ones.

Take a couple handfuls of them, cut the ends, rinse beans and boil until tender.

Using a large frying pan, heat 3 to 4 tbsps. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Add beans and saute for a little while.

When they are just about ready, add a few slices of fresh garlic.

Continue sauting the beans and garlic until it is cooked to your satisfaction.

Be careful not to burn the garlic because it will result in a bad taste to your creation.

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Dear friends:

Over the years, I have created many, many, products and I have written numerous recipes.
I always have one thing in my mind when creating a recipe: I visualize that I am speaking to a beginner because people who know how to cook do not need my instructions they only need the best ingredients that I produce to work with.

I also have to mention that over the years, I have had numerous individuals correspond with me, by phone, email and mail, locally, nationally and internationally, informing me that, for instance, their spouse who always did the cooking passed away recently, and that while looking through the cupboards they found a can of beans or peas, a bag of flour or some product that they did not know how to utilise.

Usually those people are the types who have no idea of what a casserole is, or a spatula, how to boil water or even turn on the stove.

Therefore, they are quite comfortable with the details in my recipes that allow them to become familiar with the cooking process, step-by-step.

And that eventually, they would be able to do a variety of cooking and would always use my products.

Spyros Peter Goudas
Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας


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