The Pineapple or Ananas is one of the first tropical fruits introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the Caribbean.

It is referred to as the excellent fruit because, although it is a curious looking fruit, having the appearance of an oversized pinecone.

The flesh/pulp on the inside is a continuous eruption or explosion of delicious sweetness.

Once the fruit of ferocious natives and kings alike, Mr. Goudas believes that the Pineapple is now truly one of the most popular of fruits.

Fresh Pineapples are always a wonderful, exotic treat.

There are people who know how to choose a good Pineapple because they are from the places where Pineapples are cultivated and know the smell, the taste and feel of this fruit.

It is not the type of fruit that you can squeeze it or shake to see if it is the right one.

The rule of thumb in finding out if it is the right time to eat your Pineapple is as follows:

Hold a couple of the top leaves with your fingers and try to pick it up.  
Should the leaves and the whole fruit stay in your hand, then it needs more time to ripen.

However, should the leaves stay in your hands and the pineapple fall down, then the pineapple is ready.

There is also a technique in cutting the Pineapple.   It is not an easy thing.  

Consequently, we consulted an expert who has three generations of Pineapple cultivation in the family.  She is from the Philippines and her family has shipped many containers overseas.

You may have eaten one or two of them.

We thought she would be the most appropriate person from whom to obtain this information.
So we called her to give us her professional and expert advice.
So her answer was, I am sorry I cannot help you.
We cultivate them, but I have never eaten one!

Oh well.  So much for that.  What do we do now?

We take a knife and cut off the bottom portion.
This allows  the Pineapple to sit straight, then continue to cut the thick skin off, approximately one quarter of an inch (1/4). 
Be careful not to cut your fingers because you have to have a firm hold on the leaves at the top.

Should you hit the jackpot, you will have a most delicious fruit on your plate.

There is an alternative should you wish to avoid all this hassle.

It is no surprise that Mr. Goudas has captured this delicacy and has managed to provide the best Pineapples that the world has to offer, and has sealed this flavour in its natural juice.

Mr. Goudas Pineapple Slices or Chunks are delicious and they literally melt in the mouth.
He has managed to retain its original flavour.


It is important to state that if your local supermarket or retail outlet does not carry the above items, maybe you should consider changing supermarkets because you can never capture the real flavour unless you have tried Mr. Goudas brand.


We overheard sometime time ago, that in one of his speeches at an Agriculture Seminar, that the death penalty should be enforced for anyone who cans Pineapples by adding Sugar, thereby spoiling the beauty of the fruit.

Any idiot can improve the sweetness of the fruit by adding Sugar, but only Mother Nature can create a sweet fruit such as the Pineapples selected by Mr. Goudas.

He also feels sorry for the consumers who are unaware of the situation and purchase Pineapples in sugar syrup.

Of course, it will be a few cents more expensive than the other brands on the market, but what price is to be paid for a product without sugar, simply lying in its own juice.

Under the guidance of, and in collaboration with Mother Nature, Mr. Goudas was able to produce the sweetest Pineapples available.


Now then, if it is not sweet enough for you, speak to Mother Nature personally, because Mr. Goudas did the best he can.


You are strongly advised to never upset Mother Nature by adding sugar to Mr. Goudas Pineapples: they are as perfect as they can be.


There is an exception to the above no sugar-added rule because of the industrial requirements. 

The Goudas Company produces Pineapples with Sugar Added for industrial uses only in the 100 ounce Institutional Size and Pizza Cuts Pineapples for Restaurant use, etc.

Spyros Peter Goudas
Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας

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