The smaller Cabbage is ideal for salads.

On a cutting board, cut the cabbage in half.

Find an area where you feel comfortable cutting into, and begin slicing.

The thinner the slices, the better your salad and the effects on the stomach.

Cut as much as you believe is necessary for your salad today.

Place the chopped Cabbage in a bowl.

Add a little Salt.

Next, using your (clean) hands, squeeze and crush the Cabbage with your fingers.

This additional step breaks up the hardness of the Cabbage.

Rinse with cold water to wash out the salt.

Your salad is now ready.

Place on a plate.
Add a few tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt to taste, a dash of Vinegar or Lemon.

Sprinkle a little Paprika on top.
The Paprika gives an exceptional taste to the Cabbage.

Cabbage Salad may be served as an accompaniment to your main meal.

Cabbage is a vegetable that is recommended for weight loss in many magazines.

Should you be on a diet, the Cabbage fills you up without the fear of gaining additional weight.

You can add a little colour by using red Cabbage as an alternative to this recipe.

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Peter Kearney harvesting beautiful cabbages from his biodynamic food garden in Brisbane Australia, ready to be fermented and made into sauerkraut.
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