Within the Lemon category, there is another category called Limes.

Limes are grown on trees in tropical and subtropical climates.

There are several species of limes, including the Key lime, Persian lime, kaffir lime, and desert lime

Limes are an excellent source of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is vital to the function of a strong immune system.

Although limes are available throughout the year, the peak season is from May through October.

In certain parts of the world, Limes are as popular as, or even more popular than the Lemon, due to the fact that they grow wild.

In India, it is used  for removing evil spirits Tantra.

In addition, the population has adapted to that particular taste.

A Lime has a different taste than the Lemon.

Nevertheless, thae exceptional taste of the Lime cannot be replaced.

When you are in the supermarket purchasing your Lemons, pick up a Lime or two, and give this fruit a fair try.

Limes- Mr. Goudas Recipes

Lime is an essential ingredient in several cocktails,

Limes-Mr. Goudas Recipes

like in drinks containing gin, such as gin and tonic.

A Lime- Mr. Goudas recipes

How do you like these pictures? They are not internet cut and pastes, but originals.

sliced lime- Mr. Goudas recipes - limes

India, with about 15% of the world's lime output, tops the production list, followed by Mexico.

Greece is in last place with one lime tree. 

On the other hand, Greece has the most beautiful, thin skinned, plentiful juice, wonderfull aroma and appearance, nice and fair Lemons in all the world.

In fact, on the website, a site which contains updated weekly store flyers, we noticed independent Oriental grocery stores selling 10 to 15 Limes for $1.00.

No recession here, imagine, and I am repeating this, 10 Limes for a dollar and Limes are not grown in Canada.

Where did Mr. Chin get these Limes? (Mr. Goudas refers to all the Oriental independent grocery owners as Mr. Chin.)

lemon tree- Mr. Goudas Recipes- limes- Goudas booksThe above is part of the Lemon Tree book by Peter Spyros Goudas

Within the book, you will read the following:
"However, on the way there, his car started smoking from under the hood."

When the tow truck driver arrived, he told him that he had just bought this car.

After taking a quick look at the car, he stated:

"Man, you did not buy a car, you just bought a lemon!"

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