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Should you Google the word Oats on the internet, you will find thousands of sites regarding Oats. You will read the word so many times that you will see Oats flashing into your dreams.

You will find articles stating that Oats is good for everyone, for horses, mules also for donkeys, and that Oats contain very rich digestible protein that make the horses run faster than a bullet.

You will find that you can make oatmeal cookies, bread and should you have right machinery you can make Granola Bars. You will also find out that in Great Britain, are used to make several drinks and for brewing Beer and Oatmeal Stout.

Additionally, you will find statements on labels that state Oatmeal helps remove Cholesterol. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? What is this claim all about?

Think for a moment! This statement is a pure selling technique because everyone has a fear of the word Cholesterol.

Some other labels claim one minute.
WHAT EXACTLY IS THAT? If it is not one then it is two or three minutes. What is the big deal?

Others say it is for breakfast. Does this mean I cannot have a bowl of Oats at 3:00 p.m. or late at night instead of a huge plate of Cholesterol-filled food?

In reality, one thing makes sense, and it was said by The Duke in an American Western film that: IF IT IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR MY HORSE, IT IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!

Other documented facts is that Russia is the first and Canada the second in the world production of Oats. Now is the chance for potential Canadian athletes to utilize some Oats so that we could see some Gold medals in the next Olympics. Go Canada Go!

Therefore, effective sometime soon, I suggest that you make a slight change in your life and forget the omelets, bacons, cheeses, sausages and the hash browns, and simply open the freezer, instead of the refrigerator, because that is where you supposed to keep the Oats, because Mr. Weebles loves Oats too.

Place a small portion into a bowl, add some boiling water (or warm milk, if you are allowed). Allow the combo to settle for a minute or two, and, like magic, right in front of your eyes you will observe the melting process.
You may eat as it is OR, - You may add some Raisins (I say some, not 2 handfuls), or some Cranberries, Strawberries cut into pieces or any other fruit your heart desires. To make oats even more enjoyable we recommend ? tsp. of Mr. Goudas Demerara Brown Sugar or a spoon full of Mr. Goudas Honey. I say Mr. Goudas, not any other brand, please.

Do not introduce this meal to your donkey, because should you not give him next time he will not move. Look up the expression "stubborn as a donkey". Be careful, If you introduce him to the Mr. Goudas' brand and switch brands, he will never move!

Be aware, that should you be flying after eating this bowl of Instant Oats that upon entering the security check at the Airport, there will be a possibility, that you will trigger the alarm.

At that moment, tell security: "I had a bowl of Mr. Goudas Oatmeal which was full of Iron!"
...Did I make you laugh?

Now is the time to have A Bowl of Oats You will love it in an instant.

Have A Oats Day! Thank you for purchasing our product.
Goudas on the Label MEANS Good Food on the Table!

Spyros Peter Goudas

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