The Cantaloupe is a fruit which belongs to the Melon family. 

It has a characteristic net-like, rough skin with ridges and is yellow-orange in colour.

There are various methods of choosing the right Cantaloupe. 

Some individuals squeeze the skin hoping for a slight indentation, knock it or shake it to determine its fullness. 

When you cut into a ripe Cantaloupe you will discover a delightful orange interior filled with seeds in the centre.


For sure, you will be unable to simply eat one slice. 

Cantaloupe- Goudas Recipes

Therefore, it is advisable that you cut the Cantaloupe in two, and wrap one-half in Saran Wrap.

Scoop out the seeds or simply scrape it off with a sharp knife. (Avoid cutting fingers!)

You may find yourself licking you hand.

Okay wash your hands now.

The pulp of a perfectly ripened Cantaloupe is succulent and delicious.  
Therefore, you will discover that you have eaten the entire portion.

Good for you!

Did you know that a 177g – 1 cup serving size of Cantaloupe contains 108% Vitamin C, 120% Vitamin A, 2% Calcium and 2% Iron? 
In addition to being a good source of Fibre, Niacin and Vitamins B6.


Okay, the other half of your Cantaloupe may be added to your salad, or used as an ingredient in a creative fruit salad, or should you feel indulgent, added to your favourite dessert.

Fruit Salad-Goudas Recipes

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