TIM HORTONS (always fresh Coffee) was the alternative.

This is a very interesting picture. 

It portrays three (3) Medium Coffees and the accessories to go along with it, for instance, some Cream, Milk, Stir Sticks and Sugar envelopes.
This is the result of an order for Coffee that was brought to to Mr. Goudas’ office at his request since he had some visitors.

It is a beautiful Monday morning, a Holiday Monday. Well, for 99% of Canada anyway.

When Mr. Goudas drinks Coffee, his coffee of choice is of course Greek Coffee. 
However, not everyone appreciates such a strong Coffee. 
Therefore, a pick up from Tim Hortons' (always fresh Coffee) was the alternative and he commissioned someone to pick up 3 Coffees - No extra of anything, Just 3 simple Coffees.
The fellow returned with a bag and a tray of Coffees.

Mr. Goudas was curious to see what was in the bag.  Upon opening it, he was amazed at the contents and had to take a photo.  
(Even you would be amazed at this photo display of the contents of the bag.)

It seemed like enough Sugar to last a month, and Cream/Milk for one week.  All in all, the final count was 10 Stir Sticks, 7 Creams, 6 Milks and 35 Sugar Packages.

Why would anyone buy Sugar at the store when they could go to Tim Hortons and receive one month’s supply of Sugar for their Coffee and one week’s worth of Cream and Milk.

This may seem like an advertisement for the Good Samaritan work of Tim Hortons by placing handfuls of Sugar in a bag.

In reality, it is portrayed as a waste to the environment. 
It portrays the additional cost of the Coffee. Most of all, it portrays the hazards to one’s health, especially, in encouraging people to over-consume Sugar.  Since some people do not like to waste anything.

Coincidentally, he had just finished the book, Overweight, Highway to a Healthy Life, where he notes that Sugar is a no, no.
When he saw the contents of the bag, he was in shock.  He almost freaked out.
He could not believe the amount of Sugar packages. 

He said, "Do these people not realize that Sugar is a precious Commodity or that some people may not even be able to afford to purchase Sugar and that some people are Diabetic and cannot use sugar."
Okay, Mr. Tim Hortons continue doing whatever that you do.
It may your marketing tactic, but to Mr. Goudas it is wasteful and hazardous to anyone’s health.

Mr. Goudas says each customer should receive one or two Sugar packages per cup of Coffee and show a Doctor’s Certificate for any additional Sugar requested.


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