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The fact that you have clicked this section, means that you are definitely a vegetable lover and are interested in some of our recipe suggestions.

I know for a fact that meat lovers will simply ignore this section because to them the word vegetarian immediately conjures up no meat, no fish, no poultry.
Not for me, ignore.

A simple explanation of vegetarianism is the abstinence from eating meat.

Consequently, a vegetarian is someone who refrains from eating meat.

Individuals adhere to a vegetarian lifestyle for various reasons, for example, religious, ethnic, cultural, or a lifestyle choice.

Some vegetarians, however, include dairy products, including cheese, eggs and yogurt in their diet.
On the other hand, strict vegetarians (vegans) do not eat any animal products in any format.

Vegetables are wonderful, delicious, nutritious and in reality, easier on the pocket book.

Toss a bit of creativity into your meal preparation and voila, the eating of vegetables becomes a world of exploration.

I am not encouraging or discouraging you from eating meat in any form because that is a choice you have already made for yourself.

The world has fruits and vegetables of many kinds and we do not have enough time in our lifetime to explore all the possibilities that God has blessed us with.

Just remember that there are 1.3 billion East Indians of which 85 percent are vegetarians.

For the rest of the world, large numbers are vegetarians with some changing on a daily basis due to discouraging news regarding recalls in the meat industry due to salmonella, e-coli, etc.

I do not really remember if I have ever told anyone or if I have written anywhere in my books that when I was very young, in Kalamaki, Athens, Greece, immediately after World War 11 (WWII) and including the years of civil war within Greece, that food was very difficult to obtain.

Nevertheless, our parents had to feed not only themselves and four of us kids, but also had to feed the cat, the dog and the turkey.

Imagine, Christmas was approaching and the family had visions of a wonderful turkey dinner for Christmas.
After all the feeding, petting and cleaning for more than one year as our household pet, the Turkey had become part of the family.
Now, it was the time to cut its beautiful neck.
Well that was a no, no.
So instead, we all agreed that a slice of bread and olives would be an excellent Christmas dinner.

I am not saying that I am 100% vegetarian.
However, should I be presented with a T-bone or Sirloin Steak, I would not eat it or have any desire to eat it.

There was no desire within me to consume meat.

Yet I was blessed through exercise and physical labour to have one of the most beautiful bodies in Europe at a young age.

At the point of writing this article, I am seventy years of age with minimum consumption of meat.

Although I had a shattered leg, back injuries, and other incidents of discomfort.

I thank the Lord for the shape that I am in.

I hope you enjoy the Photos included in this section as much as I do.

In the photo me and Mangas.

Mangas is not an ordinary cat.
He has read and memorized in detail all the CFIA regulations and is well qualified to examine and taste the contents.

Spyros Peter Goudas

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Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας


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