The photo looks very nice. 

The can looks magnificent. The label is correct. 

It is 100% Pure Pomace Olive Oil. 

The girl who has discovered this can, a Filipino beauty, shows her enthusiasm.

In a few words, the promotional photo captures one’s attention.

Refer to the label on the can: 100% Pure Pomace Olive Oil.

Many companies who have similar products tend to deflect interest from the word Pomace by disguising it in different colours or in a smaller text. 

Therefore and consequently, the eyes of the consumer unknowingly eliminate the word Pomace, and the mind focuses and computes the words 100% Pure Olive Oil only.

What does the word “Pomace” mean? 
Does this girl in the photo really realize what she is advertising?

Maybe in her mind, she believes that she is advertising the best Olive Oil in the world, since the word 100% Pure is on the label.

Technically, she is-she is advertising the best Pomace Olive Oil in the world, especially since the words Mr. Goudas are on the label.

It must be clearly understood that Pomace Olive Oil has no relationship with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, although they are both products of the Olive tree due to the fact that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from the fruit of the tree and the Pomace Oil is made from the seed of the fruit of the tree.

Pomace Olive Oil is refined production oil.
It has no characteristic, no olive oil taste and is odourless.

Pomace Olive Oil is often used for certain kinds of cooking in restaurants.

Mr. Goudas has written a book about the subject, titled The Olive Tree

In actuality, there are two links on the website:  One details the exercise of how the information was collect and the other details the book the way it was written.

We hope you have the time to enlighten yourself about Olives, Olive Oil and the process of extraction. 

By the time you have concluded reading these two articles you will have a full knowledge of the production of the Pomace Oil and the real meaning of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Within sections of this website, especially in our recipes and cooking instructions, there are numerous occasions where we specifically mention the use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Please note:  We are not implying that every bottle you see on a supermarket shelf, although they contain these words most of the times, may not reflect the quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil within the bottle until you see imprinted on the label the country of origin, country where grown, processed and packed and, also, the acidity level.

Since you have a life ahead of you and oil is a part of your life, you owe it to yourself to peruse the above-mentioned articles.

After which, you will be the judge of the quality of Extra Virgin Oil that you buy and consume.

Olive Oils can be used in thousands of recipes from all over the world, however, in this website, we have mentioned the ingredient Olive Oil, in the following recipes.

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