Do not be alarmed! 

We did not invent this name to scare the daylights out of you. 

Deviled Eggs are simply hard boiled eggs whose yolks have been scooped out, blended with mayonnaise (or Miracle Whip) and mustard and reset into the sliced egg halves.

They are delicious, appetizing, nutritious and one method of getting your “egg on”.

Deviled Eggs are served cold as an appetizer, side dish or finger food and is a party favourite. 

You may garnish each slice with a toothpick for sanitary reasons and ease in serving.

Since Deviled Eggs are so popular, we suggest you simply whip up a batch.

Pick up one dozen eggs. 
Place in a large pot and bring to a boil for 5 minutes. 
We need hard boiled eggs.

Discard hot water.

Refill pot with cold water and allow eggs to sit for a couple minutes to facilitate peeling.

Peel the shell of the eggs and cut each egg into halves.

Scoop out the yolk of the egg (you know, the yellow portion) and place into a glass bowl.

Place the egg white slices on a large serving platter and cover.

Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of Mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon of French’s Mustard, 1 teaspoons of  Goudas Trinidad Hot Sauces, a dash of Salt and Black Pepper and blend together with a fork.

Fill each slice of egg white with a portion of the yolk mixture.

Continue this process until all 24 slices of egg white is filled.  (Yes, you may use your fingers to scoop up every last bit of the mixture and savor the flavour!)

Wash hands and Garnish each slice with a dash of Paprika.

Cover platter and chill for a short while before serving.

So, you have gotten all the information on how to prepare Deviled Eggs.
Sometime in the past, somewhere, an Englishman apparently named this creation Deviled Eggs.

I was in the laboratory taking pictures to create the article for Deviled Eggs.
When I was asked, "What are you doing?", I responded, "I'm making a recipe for Deviled Eggs!".
To which, I received questions like, "What the hell is that?"

So I realize, not too many people have ever heard of that expression.

I thought to myself, how about I make a recipe made from several  Goudas ingredients in addition to the ingredients above, with a small variation.

Add Tamarind Sauce,  Goudas Magic Sauce, replace table salt to  Goudas Sea Salt, increase the proportion of  Tri-ni-dad Hot Sauce, change the Paprika to  Goudas Paprika, which has an exceptional flavour, taste and aroma, and upon completion of the recipe, I baptize it with a beautiful name such as:


How do you like that name so far?

I want you to register that name in your mind, and repeat after me.


The list of ingredients, you already know.

Eggs are common and can be found at any supermarket.

Prepare to make your first EGG GRENADE step by step as portrayed in the pictures below:

Mr. Goudas Recipes_Egg_Grenade_ Deviled Eggs

Mr. Goudas Recipes_Egg_Grenade_Deviled Eggs

Mr. Goudas Recipes_Egg_Grenade_Deviled Eggs

Boiled Eggs


Eggs on Plate_ Mr. Goudas Recipes_Egg_Grenade_Deviled Eggs

Slice eggs_ Mr Goudas recipes

Slice eggs_ Mr Goudas recipes

Mr. Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas Egg Grenade_Deviled Eggs

Mr. Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas Egg Grenade_Deviled Eggs

yolkless egg-Mr. Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas Egg Grenade_Deviled Eggs

Mr. Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas Egg Grenade_Deviled Eggs

Mr. Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas recipes_Mr Goudas Egg Grenade_Deviled Eggs

Please have your kid close to you, so he or she can see the steps.

In the very near future, your kids will make their own EGG GRENADE. 
Beleive me, kids have so much imagination, all you have to do is furnish them with the tools.

Also notice, that the lady who helped me setup the photographs had wonderfully decorated finger nails, however, the pictures did not do her nails justice.

In fact, after I posted the pictures on the internet, she mentioned to me that the EGG GRANADE exploded in her hand and removed all the beautiful decorations from her nails.

I wish all of you good luck in creating your flavour explosion.

Trying out your first  GOUDAS EGG GRENADE.

Created by Spyros Peter Goudas


Please Note: Eggs may be used in thousands of recipes from all over the world, however, in this website, we have mentioned the ingredient eggs, in the following recipes.