How about a refreshing glass of Lemonade?

Sipping a cold glass of fresh, home-made lemonade on a hot and humid summer day or even on a long, cold night in winter is delightful.

Once you have mastered the art of creating delicious lemonade, the setting up a retro-lemonade stand on your front lawn for your kids in the summer would make you the coolest parent on the block.

During my youth in Kalamaki, Athens, Greece, I became an expert in art of squeezing the juice out of lemons.

Lemon juice book_Goudas Books_Goudas recipes_lemonadeRead my book titled, The Lemon Tree, and discover the trick in squeezing the last drop of juice out of a lemon.

The following is a basic recipe for Lemonade.

½ cup of Mr.Goudas 100% Pure Cane Sugar (granulated or brown)
5 Lemons (4 for juicing, 1 for slicing/garnishing)
4 cup of cold water

Pour water in a large juice pitcher.

Add sugar and stir until dissolved.

Mr. Goudas 100% pure cane sugar is the only way to go.

We do not want to spoil our lemonade with anything but nature’s own pure Sugar Cane Sugar.

Click on this link and discover how this natural sweetness is extracted from the Sugar Cane plant from the plantation to the factory.

I was privileged to witness the process first hand during my trip to Colombia, South America.

Using a fruit juicer, extract the juice of 4 lemons, discard the seeds, and add the lemon juice to pitcher.

Stir to blend ingredients.

Lemonade in glass_Goudas Books_Goudas recipes_lemonadePour a small amount into a glass to assess its potency.

(Add either more lemon juice and/or sugar to suit your taste.)

Refrigerate. Add a couple lemon slices to your pitcher of Lemonade before serving.
Garnish serving glasses with lemon slices and enjoy.

You may add a splash of cranberry juice and voila, you now have Pink Lemonade.

Add a cup or two of my Club Soda and your Lemonade is transformed into a wonderful Lemonade Spritzer.

I also market Lemon Juice, Lemon Seasoning and Lime Juice under my label for your convenience.