FRENCH FRIES: home-made

FRENCH FRIES:  home-made and simply delicious.

To be able to create the perfect home made French Fries like the ones in the picture you first have to choose the right potatoes:  the golden yellow is most suitable for frying. 
Removing the skin is optional.  

Wash and peel 2 potatoes and cut into even slices approximately 1/3 inch thick. 

Heat ½ cup of your favourite vegetable, soya or canola oil in a  large frying pan.
Mr. Goudas brand recommended. 

To test if oil is at the proper temperature place one slice of potato into the hot oil, if the oil starts to bubble, then you add the rest of the potato slices into the oil. 

Shake the frying pan a couple times until all the slices of potato settle into the pan.  

Occasionally, gently stir the potatoes so as not to break the slices until the golden colour is achieved.

On a serving plate, sprinkle sparingly and evenly with salt and black pepper, scoop potatoes unto the top of the plate and again sprinkle with a little bit of salt on top of the potatoes which are hot and oily. 
The salt immediately melts.

Enjoy the French Fries hot.

Do not be afraid of the little oil on the plate – there is no cholesterol. 

We hope you enjoy these home made Fries with Mr. Goudas Trinidad sauce or Ketchup.


Please Note: Potatoes are used in thousands of recipes all over the world, however, in this website, we have mentioned the ingredient Potatoes in the following recipes

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