The twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago discovered by Christopher Colombus in 1498 are considered one nation.

They love their Pelau, a dish composed of rice and green pigeon peas and meat all cooked together in one pot and which is very easy to convey in the trunk of a car for a relaxing day at the beach or river.

However, the meal is not complete without some Macaroni Pie (macaroni and cheese) and they have loved this since the beginning of time.

Trinidadians enter the world craving Macaroni Pie!
Even before the concept of Kraft dinner was invented!


We know the rhythm

Goudas Rice is very nice
Goudas Rice is very nice
It is good for pelau
And Chinese fried rice
So take my advice
And buy Goudas Rice

Well, Trinidadians (Trinis) and Tobagonians have taken the advice and have bought Mr. Goudas Rice for years! What choice did we have!

First of all, this Mr. Goudas man with his little store on Baldwin Street in Kensington Market started importing our home food.

Then he started distributing this rice that made our meals real, real good, just like our mama, grandma and aunties did!

And one wonderful Saturday afternoon, the first long weekend in August, while we were partying down University Avenue at our Caribana Festival, a flatbed truck edged its way down the street pelting out this Goudas Rice rhythm, and little bags of rice samples were being thrown into the crowd.

Everyone was catching, grabbing, and hoarding Goudas Rice and, repeating the words of the Goudas Rice Song.

It is good for Pelau and Chinese Fried Rice - Trinidadian staple food. What could we do?

That was the beginning of the end for every other brand of rice.

We became, are, and will continue to be hooked on Mr. Goudas Rice parboiled for Pelau and, of course, Chinese Style White for fried rice and those perfect little Green Pigeon Peas and the Congo Peas.

For your information, the nationals of Trinidad and Tobago in Canada developed the
Caribana Festival as a gift to Canada on the occasion of its 100th Birthday in 1967.

Read the book, One Caribana Story, and discover the history of this festival.

This book has been written by Spyros Peter Goudas.

The book gives and insight into the culture of the festival, the people and the country.

Additionally, he was awarded by the Trinidad and Tobago Government for his contribution to the culture of the twin island nation.

Now, this Mr. Goudas has continued to tease our heads and appetites with the introduction of the Mr. Goudas line of Pasta.

Pick up a package of Mr. Goudas Pasta Elbow Rigate.
1 can of Mr. Goudas Evaporated Milk, regular or 2%
Mr. Goudas Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mr. Goudas Salt, Black Pepper and Trinidad Style Hot Sauce because it is always running out, wish he developed a never ending bottle. Is that possible?
500 g Black Diamond Cheese bar
Bread Crumbs

The beauty of the Macaroni Pie is the more cheese there is, the better it is.

Well, here we go down the Goudas Rice aisle in the supermarket.

Wow! There is a variety of rice for all nationalities. Trinis like the variety on the left.

Very soon we will incorporate the ailse with the different varieties of Pasta.

There are ten varieties of Pasta in total.

Ditali, Elbow Rigate, Penne Rigate and Fusili are appropriate for this dish.

Then there is: Goudattini, Linguini, Fettucini, Spaghetti, Spaghettini and Pastitsioni which appear to be appropriate for a whole new range of cooking alternatives.

Idea: - Lunch and dinner options will never be the same with so many new options to choose from!

And all are 9 minute cooking wonders as stated on the packaging!

The Elbow Rigate appears to be the perfect fit for Macaroni Pie.

Follow the instructions: Bring large pot filled with water to a full boil.

Add a teaspoon salt, and a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to prevent pasta from sticking.

Add Elbows of course we are using the whole 900 grams. Stir.

Because the pasta will endure further cooking in the oven, boil for 5 minutes.

Shred/Grate Cheese.

Place in container and set aside.

Remove 2 eggs. Break and whisk.

Add a tablespoon or two of Evaporated Milk, salt and pepper and blend.
Set aside.

Pour remaining Evaporated Milk into measuring cup and set aside.

5 Minutes up! Turn off stove.

Triple wow! The Elbows are now partially cooked.

In addition, those beautiful ridges on the pasta will absorb the cheese really, really well.

Plus, that sample spoonful was delicious.

Yes! This really may be the best pasta I have ever tasted!

Place strainer in clean sink and pour Elbows to drain off excess water.

We will need to generously baste a large casserole with butter to prevent Pasta from sticking to the sides and bottom of the casserole.

The trick to great a GREAT Macaroni Pie is as follows:

One layer of Pasta topped with a generous layer of shredded Cheese.

Another layer of Pasta topped with another layer of shredded Cheese.

Evenly pour the whisked egg over layers of pasta and Cheese.

Next, evenly pour the remainder of the Evaporated Milk over the mixture.

To add a bit of crunchiness to the top, sparingly sprinkle top with breadcrumbs (not too much), if you so choose.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and place Casserole in oven for approximately half an hour.

Test with a fork to ensure it is cooked to your satisfaction cheesy and delicious.

Allow to cool before cutting around the edges and into square sized portions.

Your Macaroni Pie is ready to be consumed along with your Pelau and a salad as the calypso, reggae and steel drum rhythms penetrate the environment.

Yes it is true! This is the best pasta (Macaroni Pie) I have ever tasted!

From our house to yours!

Note: If you think for a moment that Trinis will be eating Mr. Goudas Pasta like the Sri Lankan sales associate, on piece of pasta at a time.

Or like Rock Starrr, the oriental sales associate, by flattening it between two slices of bread like a sandwich,

Or the Greek sales associate who pre-exercised his mouth to open wide enough to consume as big a bite as possible. Think again.

Yes, through years of personal experience, I realize that Trinidadians and Tobagonians are a very classy people.

A knife and fork are the cutlery of choice. Um huh!

Normal bites, nothing wrong with that. Plus, a few breaths in between bites.

And in true Trini style sing a little song may be to the rhythm of some steel drums.

Goudas pasta is very nice
I need another bite
Very, very nice
I need another bite

Um huh!

Thank you to Bernadette Scott for providing this recipe and storyline.

Spyros Peter Goudas


Please Note: Cheese is used as an ingredient in many recipes from all over the world, however, in this website, we have mentioned the ingredient cheese, in the following recipes