In Mr. Goudas’ recipe website we portray many, delicious and exciting, recipes from around the world.
In this instance, I am going to tell you a little bit about Quince.

If you know this fruit, then of course, the information I share will not mean anything – “because you already know”. For other nationalities among us, who are eager to learn, I will share details about this unique, rare, fruit’s appearance, taste, and uses.
It is not the type of fruit that you can climb a tree, pick and start eating; it is sour and hard like a rock.

As a child, I remember there being a quince tree in the neighborhood.
Now you know when a child gets to around seven years old they change teeth (in other words their baby teeth fall out and new teeth grow)

Mothers would send their seven year olds to the tree to have a fruit.
Why? Because on biting the fruit their teeth would fall out…What a mom!
Well, I thought that was a laughing situation but I guess it is not…
This is just my way of letting you know you can break your teeth while trying to eat Quince from a tree.

If you do not believe me, find one and try it…


Quince can be used in the preparation of stews; it may be baked and is great in pudding, jelly and jam formats.

Popular in Europe is Spoon Sweet Treat, which is basically, strips of quince, submersed in syrup. Given the hardness and sourness of the fruit in its natural state, one would imagine it takes some time for preparation.

Yes indeed, it takes forever… Or feels like forever!!

Now mark you, I would not suggest that you just go to the store and pick up some quince to prepare as it takes both time and great skill. It is not worth it to try, as you will probably never get it right….

I made mention above of  “Europe” however, I must point out it does not grow in Switzerland, Norway, or Germany but is prominent in the southern part of Europe namely, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.
Turkey, by the way, is the largest producer of quince, boasting 20% of the world’s production; China surprisingly is second.

Quince is not usually sold at general supermarkets in Canada or The United States.
It is usually available in ethnic or oriental stores related to the countries mentioned above and in some Middle Eastern stores.

Therefore, if your pregnant wife has a craving for quince, your best bet is to go to one of the above mentioned stores and buy a jar of Vourderis Sweet Quince, made in Greece and is one of the best.

I suggest you spread some butter on a croissant, with a few pieces of quince strips or serve her some with a spoon. She will love you for it.


The second option is very common, at least in Greece , especially on a very hot day in the evening, while sitting and relaxing or socialising outside on a patio, or even the backyard under a fig tree.

If you are a visitor, the housewife will serve you on a plate as illustrated in the picture along with a glass or may be two of ice cold water.


There are several companies that produce these types of dessert such as orange skin marmalades, whole cherries and even whole figs.

They specialize in the preparation of these types of fruits in small jars.

OVERWEIGHT GOUDAS BOOKSI am not suggesting that you open a jar and consume it all at once, as I am against sugar consumption in excess you may read more about this in my Book Overweight, Highway to healthy life.
In a section of the book, I emphasize the implications of sugar on ones life and talk about diabetes.

Never the less, there a lot of people out there with a sweet tooth and if you think based on your judgment you are able to consume a spoon or two with out causing yourself harm, then this quince delicacy is something that you have never tasted before.

If what I have said attracts your attention and you are willing to try, all you have to do is go to a Greek Store where you will find an abundance of all the things under various brands. Bouderis (ΒΟΥΡΔΕΡΗ) and Klonis (ΚΛΩΝΗ) are my favourites.

As I was taking the picture of the croissant, my appetite was stimulated and I ate half of the croissant.
So delicious was it that I decided to write an article about it.

PETER GOUDAS AT 14 YEARSWhen I was young and I did body building I would sit and eat one jar of Quince with one big loaf of bread for my snack…

In the photo, you will notice me with well-developed muscles- they are all natural.

Not like today’s buffed, steroid injected, muscles.
My muscles developed through exercise and hard work.

You may read more about this in my Biography The Immigrant.


 The subject about the fruit Quince, is not a strange thing to me but even if it was I would probably know something about it since I have been involved with food from the early days of my career in Canada, while importing fruits from every part of the world including Nata de coco and Macapouno from Phillipines.



MANGO TREE BOOKIf you read The Mangoe Tree Story you will not only obtain information about the fruit but you will enjoy this comedy of your life time. 

In addition to mangoes, I brought numerous vegetables and fruits from various parts of the world which I perfected, produced and introduced to the North American Market.

My efforts and determination to focus on this, allowed me the opportunity to learn geography much more than I thought I could learn in my lifetime.

In addition, I do not mean only where the countries are but there cities, parishes and provinces, right down to the actual location of farmers, producer, canners, manufacturers and distributors…The whole works!

Although I think I know a lot about Geography, I stumbled upon a man named Yoyoy Villame who told me personally and confidentially that I know nothing about Georgaphy or History for that matter.

Does it seem like I am shifting away from the Quince subject?

Shall I stop here or continue?

Ok, since you have allowed me to continue, here goes the rest of the story…

In November of 2013, there was a big disaster in the Phillipines called Typhoon Haiyan. 

Do you know where the Phillipines is located?

Have you ever heard the expression: “Who yuh gonna call ? Ghost busters” Well in this case the only person to call was Peter Spyros Goudas.

I did every thing to the best of my ability by assisting with the required food for the survivors of the typhoon.

The week of Christmas, I had already received confirmation that products had arrived and so Christmas Eve and Christmas day was spent talking to people in the Philippines as well as reading about the devastated areas.

YOYOY VILLAMEWhile reading, I came across a fellow called Yoyoy Villame.

It was then that I realized that he produced a song listing seventy-seven towns, villages, water shores, and areas where products were produced within the country.

So excited was I about the song Philippine Geography, that I wrote an article and made a video about him, which is already posted within the article section of www.goudasfoods.com and on Youtube respectively.

In addition, he has high ratings on YouTube and although Yoyoy Villame’s Philippine Geography has two million, four hundred and sixty two hits and views as of February 8, 2014.

I am close to him on the first or second page with my video post about his song.

The Video has myself and Jannet Benigno.

In my opinion, it is quite an interesting article… But opinions differ so I’ll let you be the judge of that.

What I will tell you though is that this innocently written article about Mr. Villame has resulted in me getting additional attention from the Filipino community both locally and abroad.

Sarah Dragon  Jannet Benigno PETER GOUDASSince they have read my life’s story about my pain and suffering and know that I have caregivers  and so on and so forth, I have been invited to be a guest speaker at a gathering for The Filipino Caregiver Society of Canada.

In the photo you will see Sarah Dragon and Jannet Benigno my caregivers.

The invitation has been extended to me to relate my experience in the presence of over four thousand caregivers from Toronto Canada alone.

So please excuse me now, as I will have to take the time to learn the Yoyoy Villame song.

By the way, it will do you some good to learn the song too… Click here to read the full article and view the video

Spyros Peter Goudas

Recorded by Mickel Allen