Well prepared Lobster can transform any ordinary meal into something extraordinary.

Should you research the word "lobster" on Google search engine you will immediately realize that there are many ways to prepare, cook and enjoy lobster.

The possibilities are deliciously, endless.

It may be served with pasta, potatoes or rice.

Now when I say rice I don't mean just any rice, that has no identification, colour consistency, broken grains, black spots, or even white spots and is smelly, dirty, unappealing etc. etc. ...

I am referring to a rice that is synonymous with premium quality, superior taste and boasts the best variety in the world. 

Which rice is this you ask? Mr. Goudas Rice of course.

Which rice is this you ask? Mr. Goudas Rice of course.When prepared and served with your lobster, your meal will taste even better.

Now, boiling is the most straight forward way to cook lobster as it is less time consuming and tends to cook more evenly as opposed to using the steaming method. 

Depending on your geographic location you may even prefer to boil it in the water from its natural habitat-sea water.

This is most common in the Caribbean and Mediterranean where lobster is acquired from fishermen who sell it along the shore line.

By boiling, rather than steaming, it also makes it easy for the cooked meat of the lobster to be removed from its shell.

Live lobsters are usually a green-blue colour and turn reddish-orange when cooked (boiled).

How do you know when your lobster is properly cooked ?

Well,  uncooked lobster meat is translucent  but when properly cooked, the meat is a creamy white color all the way through.

With the exception of the stomach which is located right behind the eyes and the liver which is edible and may have a dark green colour.

In countries such as Canada, Lobster is often sold pre-cooked, but will be tastiest if you buy it live and cook it yourself.

This will allow you to put your own spin on things.

Assuming that you are captivated enough to prepare some lobster here are some simple steps to execute  two great dishes. 

Just a quick tip when purchasing your lobster.

We have checked the www.flyermall.com  which is the largest website in the world portraying flyers and their links within the pages.

We noticed that within the big department stores Lobsters are mostly sold frozen  and are a very expensive.

Fortunately  in the independent and oriental stores they are more affordable and usually alive.

As of February 15, 2014 the Grand Food Market has live Canadian lobster for $7.59 per Lb. 

Yes Live Lobsters!

The Orientals dominate the fish and seafood business in Canada.

In their stores you usually find fish tanks with live lobsters and other seafood from which to make your selection.

So get your  traps together and go fishing.

Assuming you catch two nice looking lobsters you will then ask the attendant to tie the claws so they don't pinch you on your nose.

Just an aside while you get your kitchen ready.

I perused many online sources of information and came across endless amounts of nonsense and more nonsense information that approximately eight thousand years ago King LuLu discovered the Lobsters in the Southern part of Spain or  in Cibo Harbour in 1597 Mr. Hilton McCully wrote that they caught one hundred and fifty lobsters.

Ridiculous information like this pops up on millions of sites online and lately seems to be the norm.

All our recipes are originals, created internally in our kitchen laboratory before we share them with you.

Now here we go...

Lemon Butter Lobster

In a large saucepan heat water and sea salt to boiling.

Add lobster tails.

Reduce heat; cover and simmer until done, depending on the size of the lobster.

Roughly 15 minutes for 1 lb, 20 minutes for 2 pounds of lobster...

(Undercooked lobster is nasty while over cooked lobster tends to be rubbery)

Please remember the lobsters should be a bright red color when done!!!

Drain, place on a rack with dripping pan or in a tray and let it cool for a few minutes.

Once cool enough to touch you can eat it on the spot or continue with the recipe...

Wearing a clean oven mitt or using a potholder, hold and cut down sides of lobster tails with scissors to remove thin under shell covering the meat.

Place tails meat side up on rack in broiler pan, brush with butter.

Broil for 2 or 3 minutes.

Alternatively, they can be placed over a hot barbecue grill for 2-3 minutes.

When done, serve with Lemon Butter.

To make Lemon Butter simply place 1/2 cup butter in a sauce pan to melt on very low heat add 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon snipped parsley and 1/4 teaspoon hot sauce blend together and wallah!!

To enjoy, you must be prepared.

That means you would have already purchased from your hardware store, scissors, eye goggles, a splatter shield, a hammer etc. etc.  

But seriously you will need a nutcracker, a large bowl to hold the shells, a small dipping bowl for lemon butter, and a lot of napkins! Maybe a big bib as well...

Eating lobster is messy, 

You'll need both hands to get the meat from the tail.

You can work the little joints back and forth, or use shears or scissors to cut the thin shells.

Now Enjoy Siesta Siesta...

 Sarah Dragon _Lobster Recipes_ Mr Goudas Recipes

In the Picture is Sarah Dragon ( in the polka Dot Dress) and Friends about to enjoy Lobster as a part of their Siesta.

My assistant Mickel Allen is a native of the Caribbean who was fortunate to live within walking distance of the seashore.

Every Saturday Morning around 6 am. she and her grandmother or mother would walk or drive down to the shore line to await the fishermen who had spent the night at sea.

Seafood of some sort was a part of the weekly diet, particularly fried or escovietch fish on a Sunday and mid week would find the family eating lobster in some form, curried, peppered or cooked down in Coconut milk.

In Jamaica meat preparation in  Coconut milk is called "Run Dung". Yeah man!!

Now let's see what run down is all about

She will now give you a simple recipe to make Lobster in Coconut Rundown (RunDung)

You will need:

1 Can Mr. Goudas Coconut Milk (or milk of one large coconut usually used in the Caribbean)

2 lbs. Cooked Lobster Meat

1 tsp. Black pepper ( or ground pepper corn)

sea salt to taste

1 Large Onion (chopped)

1 small green pepper, (diced)

3 sprigs. Thyme or Mr. Goudas Thyme

a pinch of Mr. Goudas Oregano

1 clove Garlic (crushed)

2 cups Water

1/4 scotch bonnet pepper                                                                                                                                         

Pour the coconut milk and water into a skillet and bring to a boil.

Continue to boil on moderate heat where it can boil until it becomes oily. 

Be patient and use the time to prepare seasonings and lobster meat.

With a chopper or chopping knife place lobster on cutting board belly down and split lobster down the middle in half.

Remove stomach which is located behing the eyes, then look for the vein of the lobster, remove and discard.

Use a fork or knife to remove cooked lobster meat from the shell.

Set aside in a dish.

Now the oil should be made from the boiled coconut milk.

Add the seasonings- onions, green peppers, garlic etc.to the oil and cook them until the onion pieces are soft.

At this point it is also optional to add some Mr. Goudas curry powder to give added colour and flavour.

Please note that if curry is added let it cook a while to avoid a stomach ache...

Now add your lobster meat to the flavored oil and seasonings in the skillet. 

Stir and cover pot reducing flame to a very low heat. 

Add black pepper or ground pepper corn and salt - if necessary.

Simmer for another three minutes.

Turn of heat add your thyme and cover pot... This allows all the flavours to infuse.

Yeah Mon! Run Dung ready!!!

Pour your finished meal into a dish and sprinkle with oregano.

If you like really spicey food you may add the scotch bonnet pepper or Mr. Goudas Fire in Jamaica Hot Pepper sauce to suit your taste (optional).

Enjoy with rice or as they do in the Caribbean with boiled green bananas, dumplings, potatoes and yam.

Then find a cool shadey Coconut Tree and take a sip of Coconut Water... Sweet dream

If you aren't able to find a coconut try Mr. Goudas Coconut water...



                           *** This Lobster in Coconut Run Down Recipe was  contributed By Mickel Allen***

By the way:

If you prefer to stay out of the kitchen...

If you choose to  avoid the hassel of selecting, cooking, cracking and deshelling the Lobster at the risk of overcooking it to a rubbery state or not cooking it properly; you may want to consider avoiding the above steps all together.

An alternative is to visit your neighbourhood restaurant.

Or if you prefer Red Lobsters or even Caribbean Heat where the only thing required of you is to eat and enjoy....

But, you'll be missing out on the culmination of an exciting, explosion of flavours created with the finest ingredients. 

After All:

 "Goudas on the Label means Good Food on the Table"

Yeah Man!!!


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